Sigatoka Spa

100% owned & run by Indigenous Fijians

Spa Etiquette


  • Please book in advance. Some therapies, eg: Banana Leaf Body Wrap, require freshly picked banana leaves and therefore it's advisable to book a day ahead.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked session, so we can receive your payment and discuss your treatment with you.
  • Avoid being late as this may shorten your time with us.  To avoid inconveniencing other clients, your appointment must end at the scheduled time, regardless of how late it started.  
  • During treatments, you may wish to remove your jewellery. Therefore, we suggest you remove it beforehand, and place it safely into your own keeping.
  • During body therapies, we provide appropriate drapery at all times, but you may leave your undergarments on if you prefer to so.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any time during your therapy, please advise your therapist.
  • Before entering the spa, please turn off your mobile phone and/or any other electronic devices.
  • Please do not bring hot food/drinks or snacks into the spa.
  • Please advise your therapist of any allergies, medical conditions, or pregnancy, so appropriate therapies can be designed for you.