Sigatoka Spa

100% owned & run by Indigenous Fijians

We've bottled our spa products for you to take home!

Our signature products are COCODILO & MOKODILO which are based on Traditional Fiji Medicine, 100% Pure Fijian Nut-Oil Blends  and/or infused with therapeutic and exotic, fragrant essential oils

We have a small selection of luscious Body Lotions, with exquisite Fragrances of the islands              Frangipani & White Ginger-Lily,  Passionfruit & Mango  and  Sandalwood & Honey                          The skin care products incorporate our signature nut oils -  hydrating skin lotions, rejuvinating skin creams and serums,  hair conditioners, 100% pure Tamanu Oil and mood enhancing Aphrodisiac oil. 


Dilonut Oil is renowned for its regenerative and restorative properties and has long been used in Fijian healing rituals Today, its more commonly known as ":Tamanu" and has become the 'secret' ingredient in many expensive anti-aging cosmetics.  At Sigatoka Spa, we love dilonut oil, and use it in just about every therapy at the spa.  We've made it available to you as100% pure wild-crafted, and cold pressed oil - for you to take home.  Use it as an essential oil by adding it to your favourite face creams, body lotions etc, or use it neat to tackle specific problems, such as wrinkles, scaly skin, age spots, painful joints, scars,etc. 


 Cocodilo is our blend of 100% pure, Fijian drift nut oils - wild-crafted and cold pressed.                                      It's a powerful blend of "Fiji Medicine" and a staple in most of our spa therapies. Cocodilo used on your hair and scalp will promote healthier, thicker hair  and applied to your skin, will hydrate hydrate heal and replenish.