Sigatoka Spa Sigatoka Spa 205024229 Sign Boards around Korotogo 205024221 Map to get to us 205024234 The Team 205024224 Zlata & Mereani at the new Garden Spa 205024226 Zlata in the new Salon in Korotogo 205024220 205038364 Funky Foot Tea Lounge Area 205024218 Cuppa Tea anyone? 205024223 Pedicure done by Richard 205024219 205024228 205024237 205024240 205024239 205024231 205024233 Beautiful High Tide 205024236 Relaxing on the hammock 205024230 Hen's Group in for Spa Treatments 205024232 205024241 205024225 The Jetty 205024235 Owners of Sigatoka Spa, Mereani Matanatabu, Zlata Brown and Richard Valentine 153405610 Owners of Sigatoka Spa, Mereani Matanatabu, Zlata Brown and Richard Valentine 153405611 Mana i'a Products For Men 205024222 Men's Face Spa Men's Face Spa - Complimentary with the full banana leaf body wrap 148199510 Ladies' Face Spa Ladies' Face Spa - complimentary with the body wrap therapies 148199511 Pedicure Spa We specialise in foot pampering using a combination of traditional and contemporay methods including shiatsu and pressure point reflexology We use our own traditional botanical preparations for exfoliation, soothing soakers and hydration - incorporating fruits, leaves, flowers etc from our own garden. 148568248 Traditional massage We incorporate the legendary dilonut oil (tamanu) into most of our therapies. Combined with virgin coconut oil and infused with Fijian botanical essential oils and fragrances, such as mokosoi (ylang ylang) sandalwood, gingerlily, passionfruit, mango and for sore muscles or joints - basil, ginger etc. 148568247 Richard Valentine - Owner Massage & Beauty Therapist 148443192 Zlata Brown -Owner Massage Therapist & Hair Stylist 148443193 166471293 Cocodilo is staple of Sigatoka Spa. It's our own blend of 100% pure drift nut oils, cold pressed and bottled for you to take home. 166472420 100% pure wild-crafted Fiji dilonut oil - its renowned for skin regenerative properties and has long been used in Fijian traditional medicine. Today, more widely known as Tamanu oil, its the secret anti-aging ingredient in many expensive skin care cosmetics. We've bottled it for you to take home 166471545 Aromatic Body Lotions 166472467 We've blended our own spa products incorporating our favourite therapeutic nut oils infused with essential oils, and the fragrances of Fiji flowers. By demand, we've bottled some of our recipes for you to take home. 166472468 Girls night out 177470926 Girls night out 177470927 Zlata and Dee at work 177470928